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The various large format printers are generally extremely reliable and highly precise when set up. However, printers run countless hours and are subject to wear and tear due to the many repetitive movements. This can result in deviations and unpredictable outcomes. To maintain the quality of the production process optimally, regular maintenance of the large format printers is crucial. The motto “prevention is better than cure” is therefore highly valued at BPTC.

If something does go wrong and a large format printer requires repair, BPTC offers fast service to minimize any delays in the printing process.

For a customer, the quality and predictability in color are what stand out the most. It requires expertise to create consistent and accurate colors across different printers and various ink technologies.

With BPTC, you’re partnering with an expert with over 20 years of experience in color profiling on various media such as paper, vinyl, textile, and carpet. By implementing an automated color management system, you minimize potentially costly reprints and increase confidence among your customers.

Caldera RIP (Raster Image Processor) offers an innovative all-in-one software program for large format printing. This software tool brings out the best quality in your printers and streamlines the printing process.

With 20 years of experience in Caldera RIP software, BPTC is your partner in integrating this software into your business.

This prepress automation solution for large format printers translates documents into perfect ready-to-produce layouts. The software handles preflight and optimizes documents submitted by customers.

PrimeCenter’s most powerful tool is its nesting solution, which keeps grouped objects together and optimally fits layouts together. This saves valuable production time and material costs.

The optimized documents are sent as printable and cuttable files to your RIP software to further streamline the entire production process.

Are you considering purchasing a large format printer for your company? With over 30 years of technical and practical experience in large format printers, BPTC is an ideal partner to provide independent advice in this decision-making process.

About bptc

At the helm of The Big Print Training Company stands Udo Swaluë. The Big Print Training Company was founded in 2007, armed with a wealth of enthusiasm and experience in the realm of large format printers.

My career began at Macdermid, where I acquired the essential tools and techniques to embark on my own journey.

I my last years with McDermid ColorSpan I came in contact with the Caldera RIP software. We needed  RIP software with a good color management system inside, that could handle the 12 color setup that we had on a printer in our product line as well as all of our other printers. I already knew that reaching the right color was very important and that put me on my path to discover everything there was/is to know about the wonderful world of color profiling in all it’s forms. Nowadays I color profile on anything that is printable (paper, textile, carpet, glas, etc.)

Today, I can draw upon over 30 years of technical and practical experience in large format printing, coupled with more than 20 years of expertise in color profiling. I’m always eager to hear your questions or challenges. Feel free to reach out, and together, we’ll navigate the path forward.


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